Performance Insider helps you understand current account health, change on the performance on time, conversion funnel, seasonal performance, and suggested keywords/bid adjustments.

Performance Insider allows you to grade your Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads), and Amazon Advertising accounts and provides you optimization suggestions.
  • See the overall optimization score of your account, and get an instant summary on the list of areas that require optimization.
  • Calculate your potential savings and conversions.
  • Measure your performance metrics, see complete advertising funnel, and understand the seasonality.
  • See suggestions being made by artificial intelligence for optimizing your account.
See your performance from different angles with three different views.
  • Using the performance funnel, you can see full-funnel analysis and measure the key performance metrics.
  • Using the timeline report, you can see how did your impressions, clicks, and conversions change in the last 30-days.
  • Using the seasonality report, you can see your advertising metrics broken down by day of week and hour interval.
Get optimization suggestions powered by AI to improve your advertising performance.
  • Bid suggestions help you on how to adjust your keywords’ bids to get optimal results.
  • Bid adjustments allow you to see how you should adjust dimensions and placements for your campaigns.
  • Budget suggestions allow you to see how you should adjust the budget of your campaigns for better performance.

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