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Ad spend limit: EUR 4,000/month
No additional Ad Spend fee
No additional Attributes Sales fee
Supported Unlimited Accounts for Google Ads, Amazon Ads, Microsoft Ads and Yandex Ads
Algorithmic bidding
Goal-based optimization
Sync of existing campaign
Promotions / Events
Budget Suggestions
Automated keyword actions
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Ticketbased Solution Specialist

€349 / month (yearly contract)

1.5% of Attributed Sales on Amazon
2.5% of Ad Spend Fee on Google Ads,

Microsoft Ads and Yandex Ads

Supported Unlimited Accounts for Google Ads, Amazon Ads, Microsoft Ads and Yandex Ads
All Lite plan features are included
Manual keyword suggestions
All Lite support plan features are included
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Supported Unlimited Accounts for Google Ads, Amazon Ads, Microsoft Ads and Yandex Ads
All Standard plan features are included
Profit Maximization
Goal-Based Scenario Planning
Product Analytics
Repricing (Beta)
Exclusive Beta Program
Custom reporting
All Standard support plan features are included
Regular Reviews
Designated Client Success Manager
Priority Response Solution Specialist

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3 Things to Start Optimization with Adspert

Adspert is fully transparent in all decision-making processes. The algorithm initiates and delivers an in-depth insight into all fundamentals and results.

Adspert automates all processes related to keyword maintenance, campaign optimization, and bid changes. This means that resources can be used more efficiently and any freed-up resources can be better allocated toward core competencies.

Adspert constantly screens advertising accounts represents measurably critical patterns. When something significant occurs, Adspert executes improvement based on genuine software. Adspert also incorporates many instruments to assist you with overseeing accounts, screen execution, harvest keywords, auto-optimize bids, and suggest budgets.

Certified Partnership

Adspert is a certified partner of Google, Microsoft Advertising, Amazon Service Provider Network and Yandex Direct

Machiel Schepers
Growth Marketing Manager

Airbnb relies on Adspert’s multi-signaled bidding technology and expertise for our global Bing program and regional Yandex program. Partnering with Adspert has allowed us to hit our target efficiencies and scale these key marketing channels with limited internal overhead.

Renè Linder

Adspert is combining a clever algorithm with a user-friendly interface. Additionally Adspert gets the maximum out of the campaigns.

Jonas Spathelf
Super RTL
Digital Marketing Manager

You don’t have to be a specialist to be able to operate the bid management tool Adspert. The simple and intuitive operation improves our quality of life at work, and the results are terrific.

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