Use Cases

Analyzing the connected Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads), and Amazon Advertising accounts, Performance Insider allows its users to audit and optimize their accounts by providing keyword, bid adjustment, and budget suggestions.

Performance Insider helps you achieve your goals for your Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads), and Amazon Advertising accounts.

Performance Insider helps you on;

  • Auditing your account, and grading your performance.
  • Provides you optimization suggestions so that you can generate more results.
  • Suggests new keywords extend your reach so that you can tap into a broader market.
  • Analyzes your account and provides you your account’s performance metrics.
  • Comes up with new bid and bid adjustment suggestions, so that you can improve your performance.
  • By giving you budget suggestions, helps you in finding out the optimum level for your campaigns’ budgets.

Audit & Grader
By auditing and analyzing your Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads), and Amazon Advertising account, Performance Insider provides an awesomeness rate that shows your account’s optimization score.

Analyzing your account, Performance Insider provides a full picture of your advertising metrics, where you can see measure the return on your investments.

Performance Insider runs analysis on your account every 24 hours so that you have a full reporting automation in your advertising activities. It is your digital marketing assistant that works on 7/24.

Keyword Suggestions
Performance Insider provides keyword suggestions on your campaigns to extend your reach by adding new keywords.

Bid and Bid Adjustment Suggestions
Using Performance Insider, you can get bid and bid adjustment suggestions; so that you can avoid spending additional money on advertising criteria, outperform your competitors, and get the most out of your advertising spendings.

Overall, by applying all the suggestions made by Performance Insider every day, you can easily optimize your advertising account.

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